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Our visual sitemap builder means you can jump from vague ideas to create sitemap plans with just a few clicks. Zero time spent formatting your sitemap.

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Collect page content

Create a sitemap then have your client or copywriter fill it with content. Skip between sitemap pages easily, gathering content as you go.

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Share & export sitemap

Export your visual sitemap and content to PDF or Share it via a unique URL to get input and signoff from your team and client without any fuss.

Common sitemap questions

What is a sitemap?

The two main types of sitemaps are:

  • XML Sitemap - essentially a list of URLs in your website, normally put in a file named "sitemap.xml" or "sitemap_index.xml".
  • Visual Sitemap - a diagram of the pages you want in your website used to communicate the overall structure.

How do I create sitemaps?

Create a visual sitemap using quick and easy online sitemapping tools like WriteMaps.

XML sitemaps may be created manually, or many modern platforms make them automatically (like Squarespace/Shopify, or WordPress via plugins).

What are the best sitemap tools in 2019?

XML-Sitemaps can help you create a sitemap.xml file if your platform doesn't make one.
To build visual sitemaps online, it's worth checking out:

  • WriteMaps
  • Slickplan
  • FlowMapp
  • DynoMapper

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